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Torsion (gastropod) - Development
... velar/foot muscle which has one end attached to the left side of the shell and the other end has fibres attached to the left side of the foot and head ... stage of torsion development is achieved by differential tissue growth of the left hand side of the organism compared to the right hand side ... differences between the left and right hand sides of the body, there are different evolutionary pressures on left and right hand side organs and as a result in some species there are ...
BMP-1 Variants - Variants - People's Republic of China
... stabilization system and a 7.62 mm M240 coaxial machine gun (on the left hand side of the main gun) ... sight and 4 periscope vision blocks which are located in the front and on the sides of the turret ... swimming performance, a raised engine air intake on the right hand side of the front of the hull, detachable pontoons in the front and rear of the hull, a high snorkel and large side screens ...
Commemorative Coins Of Poland: 2007 - Table of Contents
... The images of the national flag at the sides of the Eagle's legs ... On the right side of the Eagle stylised images a fragment of a technical drawing displaying the instrument to analyse silver, crystal from the table in the mineralogy handbook by Ignacy ... Above on the left and on the right side a stylised image of mountains ...
Einstein–Infeld–Hoffmann Equations
... The first term on the right hand side is the Newtonian gravitational acceleration at A in the limit as c → ∞, one recovers Newton's law of motion ... Since the quantity on the left hand side also appears in the right hand side, this system of equations must be solved iteratively ...
Stein's Method - The Basic Approach - Setting Up The Stein Equation
... such that, for a given function , so that the behavior of the right hand side is reproduced by the operator and ... Now all the effort is worth only if the left hand side of (3.1) is easier to bound than the right hand side ...

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    People who wish to salute the free and independent side of their evolutionary character acquire cats. People who wish to pay homage to their servile and salivating roots own dogs.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    There is gold, and here
    My bluest veins to kiss—a hand that kings
    Have lipped, and trembled kissing.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)