Hand Grenade

A hand grenade is any small bomb that can be thrown by hand. A variety of types of hand grenades exist, with explosive grenades designed to detonate after impact or after a set amount of time the most commonly used in modern warfare.

Grenadiers were originally soldiers who specialized in throwing grenades.

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... Stylized pictures of early grenades, emitting a flame, are used as ornaments on military uniforms, particularly in Britain, France (esp ... the Princess Louise Fusiliers, Canadian Army) wear a cap-badge depicting flaming grenade, reflecting their historic use of grenades in the assault ... took their name and cap badge of a burning grenade from repelling an attack of French Grenadiers at Waterloo ...
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Famous quotes containing the words grenade and/or hand:

    Suddenly he found he had pressed the spring of the grenade. He struggled to pull it out of his pocket. It stuck in the narrow pocket. His arm and his cold fingers that clutched the grenade seemed paralyzed. Then a warm joy went through him. He had thrown it.
    Anderson was standing up, swaying backwards and forwards. The explosion made the woods quake.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Bishop Berkeley destroyed this world in one volume octavo; and nothing remained, after his time, but mind; which experienced a similar fate from the hand of Hume in 1737.
    Sydney Smith (1771–1845)