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Pilgarlic - Cause - Other Causes
... most common cause, male pattern baldness, there are several other causes of hair thinning or loss Traction alopecia is most commonly found in people with ponytails or cornrows who pull on ... the cuticle, the hard outer casing of the hair ... strands to become weak and break off, reducing overall hair volume ...
Dogskin - Colors, Patterns, Lengths and Textures - Hair Growth
... while the coats of some dogs grow continuously in a manner similar to human hair growth ... Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Corded Coats Some breeds of dog do not grow hair on parts of their bodies and may be referred to as "hairle ...
Buttox - Anatomy
... have smooth buttocks, mature males and females have varying degrees of hair growth, as on other parts of their body ... Females may have hair growth in the gluteal cleft (including around the anus), sometimes extending laterally onto the lower aspect of the cheeks ... Males may have hair growth over some or all of the buttocks ...
Prostaglandin D2
... of localized prostaglandin D2 and hair growth inhibition ... topically, the research found PGD2 prevents hair growth, and mice that were genetically inclined to produce higher levels of PGD2 had inhibited hair growth ... be a therapeutic target for androgenic alopecia in both men and women with hair loss and thinning ...
Widow's Peak - Causes and Associated Syndromes
... point of intersection of the bilateral periorbital fields of hair-growth suppression on the forehead ... This can occur because the periorbital fields of hair-growth suppression are smaller than usual, or because they are more widely spaced ... was suggested by findings in an unusual case of ocular hypertelorism in which surrounding scalp-hair growth was suppressed by an ectopic (displaced) eye ...

Famous quotes containing the words growth and/or hair:

    This [new] period of parenting is an intense one. Never will we know such responsibility, such productive and hard work, such potential for isolation in the caretaking role and such intimacy and close involvement in the growth and development of another human being.
    —Joan Sheingold Ditzion and Dennie Palmer (20th century)

    Give me a look, give me a face,
    That makes simplicity a grace;
    Robes loosely flowing, hair as free:
    Such sweet neglect more taketh me,
    Than all the adulteries of art;
    They strike mine eyes, but not my heart.
    Ben Jonson (c. 1572–1637)