Hôtel De Castries - History - Alterations By The Marquis De Castries

Alterations By The Marquis De Castries

On 27 September 1708, Jean Dufour's widow, Angélique Guyner, sold the hôtel to Jean François de La Croix de Castries (1663-1728), first marquis de Castries, who bought it with an inheritance from his uncle the cardinal of Bonzi (?-1703), archbishop of Narbonne. That inheritance also meant he could afford to spend 20,000 livres on rebuilding of the house and expansion of its gardens from 1708 to 1714. The Castries family held onto it until the end of the 19th century. On his death, the building was rented in 1729 to Charles Armand de Gontaut-Biron (1663-1756), for 7,500 livres a year.

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