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List Of Re-education Through Labor Camps In China - Guangxi Province
5 RTL Outskirts of Guilin City Guangxi No ... RTL Beihai City North-South Highway 2003 Guangxi Women's RTL Yongning County, Nanning City Jingji Zoulang Development District #40, Yudong Dadao Road Has female Falun Gong ... Formerly known as Guangxi No.1 RTL Liuzhou RTL Xinxing Farm Liuzhou City 1951 Over 130,000 mu in area ...
Liu Yongfu - Early Years
... Qinzhou, now in Guangxi province, was at that time in the extreme southwest of Guangdong province ... The ancestral home of Liu's family was the village of Popai in Guangxi province, and when he was eight his parents moved to Shangsizhou (Shang-ssu-chou, 上思州) in Guangxi ... only a matter of time before they secured Guangxi province ...

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