Ground Acceleration

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1952 Kern County Earthquake - Ground Acceleration
... For more details on this topic, see Peak ground acceleration ... Nantou County, Taiwan, little information was available for estimating ground motion that resulted from large (greater than M7) thrust earthquakes, and whether the values seen ... modelling along with field studies have shown that intense ground motions close to 1g are possible on the hanging wall of some large thrust earthquakes ...
Peak Ground Acceleration - Geophysics
... energy is dispersed in waves from the epicentre, causing ground movement horizontally (in two directions) and vertically ... PGA records the acceleration (rate of change of speed) of these movements, while peak ground velocity is the greatest speed (rate of movement) reached by the ground, and peak displacement is the ... (length of the shake cycle), and the geology of the ground (subsurface) ...
Japan Meteorological Agency Seismic Intensity Scale - Scale Explanation
... are calculated automatically from measurements of ground acceleration ... The JMA reports the earthquake level based on the ground acceleration, measured automatically with seismic intensity meters ... There is no simple and linear relationship between Shindo Number and peak ground acceleration,, so the values of the table below should only be regarded as an approximate orientation ...

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