Grinds (skateboarding)

Grinds (skateboarding)

In skateboarding, Grinds are tricks that involve the skateboarder sliding along an object using the trucks of a skateboard rather than the wheels. Grinds can be performed on any object narrow enough to fit between wheels and are often performed on the coping (edge) of a skate ramp, a purpose-built "grind box", step, ledge or horizontally-positioned pole.

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... Layback GrindThis is an archaic variation of the basic frontside or backside grindwhereupon the skater leans back ("lays back") and places their trailing hand on or ... adjustment of the name to "layback roll-out",or occasionally,"layback grindto-tail" ... Casper slides Grindswhen the board is upside down and your back foot is on the tail while your front foot lifts it up from under ...

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