Greater Redoubt

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Battle Of Alma - Battle - Attack At The Greater Redoubt
... upward and on until they finally tumbled over the walls of the Greater Redoubt, as the Russians were trying to move their guns ... As some of the men celebrated from the redoubt, carving their initials on captured Russian guns and marvelling at their achievement, the lack of reinforcements ... great Russian column was moving straight for the Greater redoubt in counterattack ...
Battle Of Alma - Battle - Retreat and Second Attack
... As the Russians column marched down to the Greater Redoubt, an astonishing fact became apparent ... had finally crossed the river and the Russians by the Greater Redoubt saw approaching below them the Grenadier Guards on the right of the British line, the Scots Fusilier ... Below the Greater Redoubt, however, a group of Royal Welch Fusiliers had held their ground when their comrades had retreated and were firing up at the redoubt ...

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