Great Albatross

Great Albatross

Diomedea exulans

Diomedea antipodensis

Diomedea amsterdamensis

Diomedea dabbenea

Diomedea sanfordi

Diomedea epomophora

Diomedea milleri
Diomedea thyridata

The great albatrosses are seabirds in the genus Diomedea in the albatross family. The genus Diomedea formerly included all albatrosses except the sooty albatrosses, but in 1996 the genus was split with the mollymawks and the North Pacific albatrosses both being elevated to separate genera. The great albatrosses themselves form two species complexes, the wandering and Amsterdam albatrosses, and the royal albatrosses. The splitting of the great albatrosses into six or seven species has been accepted by most, though not all authorities.

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