Gravity Gun

A gravity gun is a concept in video games, particularly first-person shooters using an advanced physics engine, whereby players can directly manipulate objects in the world, often allowing them to be used as projectiles against hostile characters. A gravity gun is usually manifested as an in-game weapon, available from the player's inventory or weapon selection. The concept was first popularized by the gravity gun found in Valve Software's Half-Life 2; however, a similar concept was used by developers id Software during the production of the earlier game Doom 3, eventually leading to the introduction of a physics-based weapon in the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil. Later games have been influenced by the success of these physics-based weapons, adopting their own styles of comparable abilities or weapons.

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Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Gameplay - Weapons
... new additions to Gordon Freeman's inventory, but introduces a new form of Gravity Gun 'ammunition', the 'Magnusson Device', named after the egotistical head of the ... The item is useless on its own—it must be deployed via the gravity gun ... The gravity gun was the direction of innovation they were most interested in, and objects like saw blades and flares were more interesting additions ...
Gravity Gun - Influence On Later Games
... and Magic a psychokinesis spell allows for similar functions as Half-Life 2's gravity gun, Destroy All Humans! portrayed a similar gravity usage, known as PK, while 2K ... module, which allows the player to grab and throw objects similar to Half-Life 2's gravity gun ...
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - Gameplay
... beginning of the level, including a pistol, shotgun, crossbow, and gravity gun ... The gravity gun allows the player to manipulate physical objects in the world it can be used to pick up nearby objects and throw them at enemies or create cover from enemy fire ... The gravity gun can also be used to perform several non-combat functions, such as grabbing out-of-reach supply crates ...
Gravity Gun (disambiguation)
... Gravity gun can refer to various fictional devices Gravity gun, a gameplay concept in video games that allows players to manipulate the game's physics ... Gravitational Beam Emitter, a fictional gun used by Killy in the manga series Blame! and NOiSE Occasionally used to mean a tractor beam ...
Tractor Beam - Fiction - Games
... Garry's Mod (Half Life 2 Mod) - The Physics Gun is used in the sandbox game to build using props by freezing them in mid-air with an adjustable distance tractor beam Galaga - used by the Galagas to ... Energy Field Manipulator" or simply the "Gravity Gun", which can pick up, throw, and "punt" heavy or sharp objects with little or no physical effort ... In addition, on E3 2003 the "Physics Gun" that allows to move objects freely in three dimensions was shown ...

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    “Tall tales” were told of the sociability of the Texans, one even going so far as to picture a member of the Austin colony forcing a stranger at the point of a gun to visit him.
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    Here I sit down to form characters. One I intend to be all goodness; All goodness he is. Another I intend to be all gravity; All gravity he is. Another Lady Gish; All Lady Gish she is. I am all the while absorbed in the character. It is not fair to say—I, identically I, am anywhere, while I keep within the character.
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