Gravitational Potential

In classical mechanics, the gravitational potential at a location is equal to the work (energy transferred) per unit mass that is done by the force of gravity to move an object to a fixed reference location. It is analogous to the electric potential with mass playing the role of charge. By convention, the reference location is usually taken at infinity, so the gravitational potential is zero infinitely far away from any mass and negative at any finite distance.

In mathematics the gravitational potential is also known as the Newtonian potential and is fundamental in the study of potential theory.

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... Potential energy is closely linked with forces ... then the force is said to be conservative and it is possible to define a numerical value of potential associated with every point in space ... can be re-obtained by taking the negative of the vector gradient of the potential field ...
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... The absolute value of gravitational potential at a number of locations with regards to the gravitation from the Earth, the Sun, and the Milky Way is given in the ... The potential is half the square of the escape velocity ...
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... It usually applies in discussions of gravitational potential or related effects such as gravitational redshift ... In simpler exercises in gravitational physics, it is common to invoke gravitational potential as an absolute difference between two positions that does not depend on the route ... In more advanced gravitational theory, things are not so straightforward the nominal gravitational potential between two positions often has to be supplemented ...

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