A graveyard (from Old English graf "pit"; yairden "garden, open place") is any place set aside for long-term burial of the dead, with or without monuments such as headstones.

In countries with a Christian tradition it is usually located near and administered by a church. From the early 19th century, new burying grounds were frequently founded as cemeteries, which are burying grounds that are separate from a church or parish.

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List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Retrace
... Retrace allows players to replay a spell from the graveyard by paying its mana cost and all associated costs with the additional cost of discarding a land card ... Unlike with flashback, a card cast from the graveyard with retrace is not exiled, and returns to the graveyard after it resolves ...
St. Nahi's Church - Graveyard
... Many Irish Republican graves lie within the graveyard, including the gravestones of Lorcain McSuibhne, a member of the Irish Republican Army killed in 1922 in Kildare ... The graveyard also contains many Royal Irish Constabulary Officers and Freemasons ... published in 1895, claims that there are “tens of thousands” of burials within the graveyard, a credible figure considering its age ...
Graveyard - Present Status
... Thousands of graveyards still stand across the world today and are usually the place where the oldest graves of a community or part of a city can be found ... for other functions in part or in whole, with or without a graveyard still situated on it ... In other cases, the churches themselves removed the headstones in the graveyards, to recreate a park-like environment or wildlife area in the churchyard ...
Stogi, Pomeranian Voivodeship - Former Mennonite Village of Heubuden
... Mennonite graveyard Mennonite graveyard Mennonite graveyard Mennonite graveyard ...

Famous quotes containing the word graveyard:

    Miss U.S.A. is in the same graveyard that [Amanda Jones] the twelve-year-old is. Where the sixteen-year-old is. All the past selves. There comes a time when you have to bury those selves because you’ve grown into another one.
    Amanda Theodosia Jones, U.S. beauty contest winner, Miss U.S.A., 1973. As quoted under the pseudonym “Emma Wright” in American Dreams, Prologue, by Studs Terkel (1980)

    We thought it would be worth the while to read the epitaphs where so many were lost at sea; however, as not only their lives, but commonly their bodies also, were lost or not identified, there were fewer epitaphs of this sort than we expected, though there were not a few. Their graveyard is the ocean.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Since the last one in a graveyard is believed to be the next one fated to die, funerals often end in a mad scramble.
    —Administration in the State of Texa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)