Gotham Screen Film Festival & Screenplay Contest

Gotham Screen Film Festival & Screenplay Contest

GOTHAM SCREEN is the newest addition to New York City's film festival scene.

After its debut in 2007 as a screenplay contest, Gotham Screen, or GSIFF International Film Festival, has been expanded to showcase shorts and feature films. This year's festival will take place in downtown Manhattan, at the Quad Cinema, from October 4–14, 2012.

This festival gives filmmakers the chance to have their work shown and critically judged in New York. Gotham Screen specializes in fresh voices and perspectives from local, national and international filmmakers. The mission of the festival is to create a positive industry and audience exposure for works that would otherwise not easily get seen. The concurrently held screenplay contest also holds regular readings throughout the year.

The festival's International Showcase will this year host a selection of European, Middle Eastern and Asian feature films, shorts and documentaries, while the New American Cinema section brings the latest in US shorts and independents.

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