Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is a supervillain appearing in DC Comics, primarily as an enemy of The Flash. He debuted in Flash v.1 #106 (April–May 1959), and was created by writer John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino.

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Gorilla Grodd - In Other Media - Miscellaneous
... Gorilla Grodd appears in the direct-to-video DC Super Friends The Joker's Playhouse (2010) voiced by Phil LaMarr ... Gorilla Grodd appeared in issue #18 of the comic book tie-in to Young Justice ... This version is a Kobra Venom-enhanced gorilla that was experimented upon by Brain and Ultra-Humanite where his strength and intelligence were enhanced ...
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... Batman tries to persuade Caesar to let him help in his fight against Gorilla Grodd (who has taken over the Gorilla Men) ... When Gorilla Grodd's Gorilla Man army attacks, Great Caesar and those with him are affected by the Sonic Gates ... He is then taken captive by Gorilla Grodd ...
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... A giant gorilla that was used by Gorilla Grodd to assist the Gorilla Men into defeating the Tiger Men ...
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... Vixen appears in the Batman The Brave and the Bold episode "Gorillas in Our Midst!" voiced by Cree Summer ... Batman requests her help when Gorilla Grodd replaces the human population with gorillas ... confronts B'wana Beast to talk about their relationship, but is cut off by Gorilla Grodd's invasion of Gotham ...
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... Main Plot When Gorilla Grodd creates a machine on Dinosaur Island that will turn humans into primates, it's up to Batman and Plastic Man to save the day ... King, Doctor Polaris, Gentleman Ghost, and Gorilla Grodd). 114 S01E14 Teaser Batman rescues the Question and Gorilla Grodd from the mysterious Equinox ...

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