Golden Rock Railway Workshop

Golden Rock Railway Workshop

The Central Workshops, situated in Ponmalai (Golden Rock), Tiruchirapalli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is one of the three mechanical railway workshops serving the southern zone of the Indian Railways.

It is officially called as Central Workshop, Thiruchchirappalli or 'GOC'. In common it is called as Golden Rock Workshop, (Ponmalai in Tamil).

This repair workshop is basically a "Mechanical Workshop" which comes under the control of the Mechanical Department of the Indian Railways. The other two mechanical workshops of Southern Railway are located in Perambur, Chennai. They are "Carriage Works, Perambur" and "Loco Works, Perambur".

(Note: The Integral Coach Factory, Perambur is a production unit and is classified as a factory and not as a workshop. The primary objectives of a Railway Workshop is repair and maintenance work and not production. However, due to changing requirements, many workshops, including Central Workshops of Goldenrock, are used nowadays for regular production activities)

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