Gold (surname)

Gold (surname)

Gold is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Gold (author) (born 1945), Australian novelist, literary critic and human rights activist
  • Alan B. Gold (1917–2005), chief justice of Quebec Superior Court
  • Alan Stephen Gold (born 1944), American lawyer and judge
  • Andrew Gold (born 1951), singer and songwriter
  • Ari Gold (filmmaker), American filmmaker, actor and musician
  • Ari Gold (musician), American musician
  • Bela Gold (born 1915)
  • Ben-Zion Gold, Polish-American rabbi
  • Bill Gold (born 1921), American graphic designer
  • Brian and Tony Gold, Jamaican dance hall duo
  • David Gold (businessman) (born 1937), English businessman
  • David Gold (talk radio host), American conservative talk radio host
  • Dore Gold (born 1953), Israeli diplomat
  • Edgar Gold (born 1934), Australian-Canadian lawyer, author, academic, and Master Mariner
  • Edward Gold (born 1936), American composer
  • E. J. Gold (born 1941), American artist, author and jazz musician; son of H.L. Gold
  • Eli Gold (born 1953), American sportscaster
  • Elon Gold (born 1970), American comedian, actor, writer and producer; brother of Ari Gold
  • Ernest Gold (1921–1999), composer and father of Andrew Gold
  • Gary Pig Gold (born 1955), Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, filmmaker and author
  • Glen David Gold (born 1954), American author
  • Harry Gold (1910–1972), spy (courier)
  • Harry Gold (musician) (1907–2005), British jazz musician
  • Harvey Gold (born 1952), American guitarist, bassist, and organist
  • Herbert Gold (born 1924), American novelist
  • Ian Gold (born 1978), former American football linebacker
  • H.L. Gold (1914–1996), American SF writer and editor
  • Jack Gold (born 1930), British film and television director
  • Jacqueline Gold, British businesswoman
  • Jake Gold (born 1958), Canadian music manager
  • Jamie Gold (born 1969), winner of the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event
  • Jared Gold (born 1972), American fashion designer
  • Jeffrey Gold (born 1968), American filmmaker
  • Jim Gold (born 1947), musician
  • Joe Gold (1922–2004), American bodybuilder and entrepreneur
  • Joe Dan Gold (1942–2011), American college basketball player and coach
  • Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer prize winning food critic
  • Judy Gold (born 1962), American comedienne and actress
  • Julie Gold, American singer-songwriter
  • Kathe Gold (1907–1997), Austrian actress
  • Katie Gold (born 1978), pornographic actress
  • Kristi Gold, American romance novelist
  • Lauren Gold (born 1980), British model
  • Lee Gold, California SF fandom notable
  • Lex Gold (born 1940), football administrator
  • Lloyd Gold (born 1950), American television soap opera writer and playwright
  • Louise Gold (born 1956), British singer, actress and puppeteer
  • Marian Gold (born 1954), German singer
  • Mary Jayne Gold (1909–1997), American heiress
  • Marty Gold (born 1915), American composer, pianist, and bandleader
  • Max Gold, Austrian soccer player
  • Maya Gold (born 1981), Hungarian pornographic actress
  • Mike Gold (1893–1967), American literary critic
  • Missy Gold (born 1970), American child actress
  • Murray Gold (born 1969), English composer and dramatist
  • Nathan Gold (1663–1723), American colonial leader and deputy governor
  • Phil Gold (born 1936), Canadian physician, scientist, and professor
  • Sam Gold, voice actor
  • Samuel Gold, composer of chess problems
  • Scott Gold, American author
  • Sharon Anderson-Gold, chair at the Science and Technology Studies Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Stanley Gold, American business manager
  • Tanya Gold (born 1973), British journalist
  • Ted Gold (1947–1970), radical Columbia University student leader
  • Thomas Gold (1920–2004), Austrian astrophysicist
  • Thomas Ruggles Gold (1764–1827), United States Representative from New York
  • Tom Gold, New York City Ballet soloist
  • Tracey Gold (born 1969), American actress
  • Victor Gold (chemist) (1922–1985), British chemist who initiated the first edition of the Compendium of Chemical Terminology
  • Victor Gold (journalist), American journalist, author, and Republican political consultant
  • Victor J. Gold, dean at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California
  • Xaviera Gold, African American dance music singer

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Famous quotes containing the word gold:

    Little Boy kneels at the foot of the bed
    Droops on the little hands, little gold head;
    Hush! Hush! Whisper who dares!
    Christopher Robin is saying his prayers.
    —A.A. (Alan Alexander)