Ginga Red

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Space Pirates Barban - Majin - Budoh Majin Mob
... He is killed by Gingaioh and again by Ginga Red in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs ... by the waters of the Cancellation Falls, Kemuemon is defeated by Ginga Red and Ginga Yellow and then destroyed by Gingaioh ... that creates his dolls is destroyed while being mortally wounded by Ginga Red, Kugutsudayuu sics his creations on Ryouma as he staggers to Budo's side to beg for forgiveness before drinking Barba-X ...
Space Pirates Barban - Main Crew - The Barban Army Generals - Sambash
... As Gurinjii is destroyed by Gingaioh, heavily wounded from his fight with Ginga Red, Sambash opens the box to use the Lights of Ginga on himself to even the odds ... finding it empty and with nothing to lose, a crazed Sambash climbs onto his bike to run over Ginga Red ... In the process, after being hit by Ginga Red's attack, Sambash drives off a cliff as his motorcycle explodes, destroying both itself and him ...
Space Pirates Barban - Main Crew - Zahab
... as a result of the battle sustained with the first generation Ginga Red three thousand years earlier ... As a result, Zahab has a grudge against those who take the mantle of Ginga Red, including Ryouma ... After losing the Earth Beast, Zahab fights and beats the tar out of the Gingamen, until Ginga Red and Black Knight use their fire ability to destroy his Star Soul Jewel ...

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