Gibbs Energy

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Gibbs Free Energy
... In thermodynamics, the Gibbs free energy (IUPAC recommended name Gibbs energy or Gibbs function also known as free enthalpy to distinguish it from Helmholtz free energy ... Just as in mechanics, where potential energy is defined as capacity to do work, similarly different potentials have different meanings ... The Gibbs free energy is the maximum amount of non-expansion work that can be extracted from a closed system this maximum can be attained only in a completely reversible process ...
CALPHAD - Methodology - Thermodynamic Modeling of A Phase
... to find realistic as well as convenient mathematical models for the Gibbs energy for each phase ... The Gibbs energy is used because most experimental data have been determined at known temperature and pressure and any other thermodynamic quantities can be calculated ... It is not possible to obtain an exact description of the behavior of the Gibbs energy of a multi-component system with analytical expressions ...
Keq - Temperature Dependence - A More Complex Formulation
... The standard Gibbs energy (for each species or for the entire reaction) can be represented (from the basic definitions) as In the above equation, the effect of temperature ...

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