Getter Robo Hien: The Earth Suicide

Getter Robo Hien: The Earth Suicide

Getter Robot Hien ~THE EARTH SUICIDE~ (ゲッターロボ飛焔 〜THE EARTH SUICIDE〜, Gettā Robo Hien ~Ji Āsu Sūsaido~?) is a Japanese manga created by Naoto Tsushima based on Ken Ishikawa's draft and notes after his death. It was a monthly serialized super robot manga continuing the Getter Robo mythos by way of the titular Getter Robo Hien. A total of 15 chapters were published the 28th of every month in Magna, a low-resolution free webcomic, only to be printed in higher quality in tankōbon volumes collecting five chapters each. (Note: the official Japanese title uses Robot, with T, as seen in the logo of the series.)

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