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Organised Persecution Of Ethnic Germans - Specific Locales - Germany
... Eisenhower ordered the mistreatment of German prisoners of war who were detained in American-run POW camps after World War II ... and German sources estimate the number of German POWs who died in captivity at between 56,000 or 78,000 or about 1% of all German prisoners, which is roughly the same as the percentage of American POWs who ... Still, the likelihood of a German POW of dying in captivity was four times higher when captured by Americans than when captured by the British ...
Chenogne Massacre - Accounts of The Massacre
... On December 17, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, German Waffen-SS troops gunned down 80 American prisoners in the Malmedy massacre ... unit issued orders that, "No SS troops or paratroopers will be taken prisoners but will be shot on sight." In this atmosphere American forces murdered German prisoners as retribution ... that on New Year's Day 1945 some 60 German POWs were shot in cold blood by their American guards ...
John C. H. Lee - German Prisoners
... Late in World War II, Lee and Omar Bradley tried to release significant numbers of German prisoners of war but a SHAEF order signed by Eisenhower countermanded them on ...
Concentration Camps In France - The Liberation - German Prisoners of War
... Camps were also used after the Liberation to intern German prisoners ... the city on 4 August 1944, about 50,000 German prisoners were kept in four camps in a city of 100,000 inhabitants at the time ... In the Camp de Rivesaltes, the German prisoners worked extensively in the reconstruction of Pyrénées-Orientales, but between May 1945 and 1946, 412 German prisoners of war died in the camp ...
German Prisoners Of War In The Soviet Union - The Fate of The German POW in The USSR
... In the first months of the Soviet-German war, few Germans were captured by Soviet forces ... After the Battle of Moscow and the retreat of the German forces the number of prisoners in the Soviet prisoner of war camps rose to 120,000 by early 1942 ... The German 6th Army surrendered in the Battle of Stalingrad, 91,000 of the survivors became prisoners of war raising the number to 170,000 in early 1943 ...

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    It is not only the prisoners who grow coarse and hardened from corporeal punishment, but those as well who perpetrate the act or are present to witness it.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    The French courage proceeds from vanity—the German from phlegm—the Turkish from fanaticism & opium—the Spanish from pride—the English from coolness—the Dutch from obstinacy—the Russian from insensibility—but the Italian from anger.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)