German Orthography

German orthography, although largely phonemic, shows many instances of spellings that are historic or analogous to other spellings rather than phonemic. The pronunciation of almost every word can be derived from its spelling, once the spelling rules are known, but the opposite is not generally the case. Today, German orthography is regulated by the Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung (RdR; German for "council for German orthography").

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Bernhard Rust - Spelling Reform
... Rust prepared a reform of German orthography, and his fairly extensive version corresponded to the ideas of the spelling reformers of the 1970s (lower case common nouns ... The German orthography reform of 1944 also failed ... Many of the proposed changes were finally implemented with the German orthography reform of 1996 ...
List Of Digraphs In Latin Alphabets - A
... ⟨a’⟩ is used in Taa orthography, where it represents the glottalized or creaky vowel ... ⟨ae⟩ is used in Irish orthography, where it represents between two "broad" (velarized) consonants, e.g ... In Latin orthography, ⟨ae⟩ originally represented the diphthong, before it was monophthongized in the Vulgar Latin period to in medieval manuscripts, the digraph was frequently replaced ...
Estonian Language - Writing System - Orthography
... Although the Estonian orthography is generally guided by phonemic principles, with each grapheme corresponding to one phoneme, there are some historical and morphological deviations from this for ... Modern Estonian orthography is based on the Newer Orthography created by Eduard Ahrens in the second half of the 19th century based on Finnish orthography ... The Older Orthography it replaced was created in the 17th century by Bengt Gottfried Forselius and Johann Hornung based on standard German orthography ...
Council For German Orthography
... The Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung (, Council for German Orthography), or RdR, is the main international body regulating the German language ... the Zwischenstaatliche Kommission für deutsche Rechtschreibung ("Intergovernmental Commission for German Orthography") in order to comprise proponents as well as opponents to the German orthography reform of. 18 councillors Austria 9 councillors Switzerland 9 councillors South Tyrol (Italy) 1 councillor German-speaking Community of Belgium 1 councillor ...

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