German East Africa

German East Africa (German: Deutsch-Ostafrika) was a German colony in East Africa, which included what are now Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika (the mainland part of present Tanzania). Its area was 994,996 km2 (384,170 sq mi), nearly three times the size of Germany today.

The colony came into existence during the 1880s and ended with Imperial Germany's defeat in World War I. Afterwards the territory was divided between Britain and Belgium, and was later converted to a mandate of the League of Nations.

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Political History Of Eastern Africa - Era of Colonies and Protectorates
... August 1884 Burundi and Rwanda become German protectorates. 17 February 1885 The Sultanate of Zanzibar is under a German protectorate, a part of it is ceded to the German East African Company and will be ... Sultanate of Zanzibar cedes Mombasa to the British East Africa Association ...
Tanganyika Territory - History
... In 1885, Germany declared that it intended to establish a protectorate, named German East Africa in the area, under the leadership of Carl Peters ... When the Sultan of Zanzibar objected, German warships threatened to bombard his palace ... The German educational programme for native Africans, including elementary, secondary and vocational schools, was particularly notable, with standards unmatched elsewhere in tropical Africa ...
African Theatre Of World War I - German East Africa
... In German East Africa (modern-day Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda) the British were unable to fully subdue the defenders of the colony despite four years of effort and tens of thousands of ... The German commander, Colonel (later General) Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, fought a guerrilla campaign for the duration of the Great War ... German forces staged raids, hit-and-run attacks, and ambushes ...
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127th Queen Mary's Own Baluch Light Infantry - India, German East Africa, Persia ... of Connaught's Own Baluchis - India, France, German East Africa. 130th King George's Own Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles) - India, German East Africa, Palestine ...

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