• (adj): Made general; widely prevalent.
    Synonyms: generalized
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James G. Nell - Work - GERAM
... Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM) is a generalised Enterprise Architecture framework for enterprise integration and business process engineering ... the Task Force has developed an overall definition of a generalised architecture ... This proposed framework was labelled as GERAM for "Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology" ...
Heap (mathematics) - Generalizations and Related Concepts
... A generalised heap or generalised groud is an idempotent semiheap where and for all a and b ... A semigroud is a generalised groud if the relation → defined by is reflexive (idempotence) and anti-symmetric ... In a generalised groud, → is an order relation ...
Generalised Cost - Generalised Time
... network when fares are constant), there is no need to convert the generalised cost to a currency value - instead, it can be left in units of time, as long as all time is equivalent (for example, if ... These units of time may be referred to as generalised time ...
Generalised Epilepsy
... Generalised epilepsy, also known as primary generalised epilepsy or idiopathic epilepsy, is a form of epilepsy characterised by generalised seizures with no apparent cause ... Generalised seizures, as opposed to partial seizures, are a type of seizure that impairs consciousness and distorts the electrical activity of the whole or a larger portion of the brain (which can be ... Generalised epilepsy is primary because the epilepsy is the originally diagnosed condition itself, as opposed to secondary epilepsy, which occurs as a symptom of ...
Generalised Cost
... The generalised cost is equivalent to the price of the good in supply and demand theory, and so demand for journeys can be related to the generalised cost of those ...

More definitions of "generalised":

  • (adj): Spread throughout a body or system.
    Synonyms: generalized
  • (adj): Not biologically differentiated or adapted to a specific function or environment.
    Synonyms: generalized