Gene Chip Analysis

Gene Chip Analysis

Microarray technology is a powerful tool for genomic analysis. It gives a global view of the genome in a single experiment. Data analysis of the microarray is a vital part of the experiment. Each microarray study comprises multiple microarrays, each giving tens of thousands of data points. Since the volume of data is growing exponentially as microarrays grow larger, the analysis becomes more challenging. In general the greater the volume of data, the more chances arise for erroneous results. Handling such large volumes of data requires high end computational infrastructures and programs that can handle multiple data formats. There are already programs available for microarray data analysis on various platforms. However, due to rapid development, diversity in microarray technology, and different data formats, there is always the need for more comprehensive and complete microarray data analysis.

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Gene Chip Analysis - Pathway Analysis
... Pathway analysis gives specific information about the pathway being affected in disease conditions, with respect to normal control ... Pathway analysis also allows identification of gene networks and how genes are regulated ...

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