Gee may refer to:

In fiction:

  • Al Giardello (often called "Gee"), a fictional character on the television drama Homicide: Life on the Street

In record labels:

  • Gee Records
  • Gee Street Records

In music:

  • "Gee" (The Crows song), a doo-wop song recorded by The Crows
  • "Gee" (Girls' Generation song), a dance-pop song by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation
  • "Gee" (EP), an EP album by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation

In science:

  • G, the gravitational constant.
  • g, the symbol for the gram.
  • g, a vector measure of gravitational acceleration, often Earth's gravity, or the related terms g-force (also gee-force, gee-loading) sometimes used as a non-SI unit of measure; see g-force.
    • gn or g0, standard gravity
  • Generalized estimating equations, a statistical method for estimating parameters of a regression model when data are correlated, and the outcome measure is discrete
  • GEE (navigation), a British radio navigation system used by the Royal Air Force during World War II

In places:

  • Gee, Kentucky

In region:

  • Gée, a commune in France.

In slang:

  • Gee, a slang term for horse, esp. in Britain
  • Gee, an abbreviated form of Jeez or Jesus
  • Gee, a slang term, especially in Ireland, for vagina
  • Gee, a slang term for a grifter or con man
  • Gee, also used as a word of entertainment


  • the letter G
  • Gee and haw, directional commands to a draft horse

People with the surname Gee:

  • Gee (surname)

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