GCR may refer to:

  • Galactic cosmic ray, the high-energy particles that flow into our solar system from far away in the galaxy
  • Gas cooled reactor, a nuclear reactor type
  • Gateshead Community Radio, a former recurring RSL that broadcast to Gateshead in the 1990s.
  • General Chinese Romanization, a cross-dialectal spelling system devised by Chao Yuen Ren
  • Geological Conservation Review
  • Ghost-canceling reference, a special television signal that helps reduce the effects of multipath ("ghosting")
  • Global Competitiveness Report
  • Glucocorticoid receptor, a ligand-activated transcription factor that binds with high affinity to cortisol and other glucocorticoids
  • Graduate Common Room, a term for a postgraduate student organisation, sometimes used in collegiate universities in place of the more common MCR
  • Grand Central Railway, an open-access United Kingdom railway company
  • Great Central Railway, a railway company and former main line in the United Kingdom
  • Great Central Railway (preserved), the preserved railway running on part of the old main line
  • Grey component replacement, a topic in desktop publishing
  • Group Code Recording, a set of encoding methods for magnetic media (floppy disks, etc.)
  • Groupe Communiste R√©volutionnaire, the French name for the Lebanese Revolutionary Communist Group
  • Guildford Campus Radio, the former name of student radio station GU2

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List Of Sites Of Special Scientific Interest In Essex - Sites
... sanctuary, SPA, WT, NCR, Ramsar site Ardleigh Gravel Pit Y 0.8 1.9 TM055281 1992 GCR Ashdon Meadows Y 1.4 3.4 TL591401 1974 Basildon Meadows Y 6.8 16.8 TQ706867 1974 CP Belcher's ... Osyth Pit Y 0.1 0.2 TM119170 1987 GCR Stour And Copperas Woods, Ramsey Y 78.2 193.2 TM190311 1953 ESA, WT, RSPB, WT Stour Estuary Y Y 2,248.0 5,555.0 TM182331 2003 AONB, Crown estate, SPA, ESA, GCR, LNR, WT, NCR ...
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... Bliss Gate Pastures Y 5 ... SO746734 1995 Bradnor Hill Quarry Y 0.5 1.2 SO290577 1952 GCR, NT Brampton Bryan Park Y 165 407.7 SO363718 1969 NCR Bredon Hill Y 384.1 949.1 SO959407 ... BC Monnington Scar Y 1.6 4.1 SO353444 1990 GCR Mortimer Forest Y 6.6 16.3 SO482737 1969 GCR Moseley Common, Pembridge Y 5.6 13.8 SO378581 1985 Mutlow's Orchard Y 0.9 2.2 SO797398 1975 Napleton Meadow Y 1 ...
Geological Conservation Review
... The Geological Conservation Review (GCR) is produced by the UK's Joint Nature Conservation Committee and is designed to identify those sites of national and international importance needed to show all the key ... Act 1990) and took over responsibility for managing the GCR site assessment process, and publishing accounts of accepted sites ... By the year 2000, over 3000 localities had been identified as qualifying for GCR standard (SSSI standard) ...
LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 5231 - Preservation
... in Cornwall, and was complete in 1988, when she returned to the GCR ... moved to the Nene Valley Railway from 1989 until 1993, when she returned to the GCR for the filming of Shadowlands. 5231 was sold to the GCR in late 1996, who repainted it in BR lined black in 1997 ...