Garou Tribes

Garou Tribes

'Garu tribes are different fictional tribes of werewolves (garou) in the role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and the associated franchise. These tribes and their influence on the game are described below.

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Tribal Alliances - Extinct Garou Tribes
... The Bunyip tribe were killed off in the late nineteenth century by invading European Garou tricked by the Wyrm's minions (particularly the Black Spiral Dancers) ... Croatan, along with their kin and spirits associated to the tribe, sacrificed themselves ritually to save the world (or at least to buy more time until the Apocalypse) ... Their tribal totem turtle hasn't been patron to any Garou since then and their tribal homeland (an Umbral region mirroring the tribal essence) is inhabited only by flora but no fauna at all ...
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - The Garou - Society - Garou Tribes
... Garou tribes resemble human tribes in that they are a community of members sharing common lineage, traditions, rites and values ... The Garou tribes each claim descent from the human peoples of particular geographic areas or demographic subset of human/wolf society (or claim that the particular ... There were once sixteen tribes, but only thirteen remain servants of Gaia in the modern age ...

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