Gao Jixing

Gao Jixing (高季興) (858-January 28, 929), né Gao Jichang (高季昌), known for some time as Zhu Jichang (朱季昌), courtesy name Yisun (貽孫), formally Prince Wuxin of Chu (楚武信王), was the founder of Jingnan, also known as Nanping, one of the states during the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period.

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Ma Yin - During Later Liang Dynasty - During Emperor Taizu's Reign
... Lei Yangong jointly attacked Jingnan, which was then under the control of the Later Liang general Gao Jixing, but they were repelled ... Emperor Taizu stripped him of his titles and ordered Gao and Ma to attack him ... Gao sent his general Ni Kefu (倪可福), while Ma sent Qin, to put Wuzhen's capital Lang Prefecture (朗州) under siege ...
Ma Yin - During Later Tang Dynasty - During Emperor Mingzong's Reign
... Meanwhile, with Gao Jixing taking an increasingly confrontational attitude with the Later Tang court, including seizure of a major shipment of Former Shu wealth that Li Jiji (prior ... Meanwhile, Gao defended Jiangling and refused to engage Liu, who soon became bogged down in his attack due to rains and illnesses afflicting his army ... forces a major defeat at Liulang Ford (劉郎洑, in modern Jingzhou), Gao, in fear, returned the Chu emissary to Later Tang, Shi Guangxian (史光憲) (whom Gao had seized after turning ...
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... Wife?/Concubine? Lady Zhang, mother of Gao Conghui Children Gao Conghui (高從誨), later Prince Wenxian Gao Congyi (高從翊) Gao Congshen (高從詵) Gao ...