Games Related To Yahtzee - Yahtzee Turbo

Yahtzee Turbo, released in 2006, is another fast-paced variant which makes use of 48 assorted cards, multi-colored dice, and a large die-shaped unit, called the Big Die, which acts as a timer and game host.

The 48 assorted cards indicate six types of Yahtzee hands: Three-of-a-Kind, Four-of-a-Kind, Large Straight, Small Straight, Full House, and Chance. Each player has five of these cards. The Big Die is pressed to start the timer and one player tries to roll the dice in the combination on the top card as many times as one can before the time expires. If that objective is achieved, the Big Die is again pressed to stop the timer. After the Big Die gives a congratulatory message, it then tells the player what to do next with the card. If the time expires before the objective combination is met, the Big Die simply tells the player what to do next. That player's turn ends after one performs the Big Die's instructions.

At times, the Big Die requires a player to obtain a Yahtzee within the traditional three rolls. It also adjusts its timer based on how well players do in the game.

The player who discards all of his/her cards is declared the winner.

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