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Yahtzee Free for All, designed by Richard Borg in 2008, is a variant that uses a free-for-all format for two to six players. The components come in a hexagonal box made to look like a 3D image of a die. The inner box stores the components, while the outer box, when unfolded, doubles as the playing mat. The components compose of 30 dice (a set of five for each player), a set of chips and 36 combination cards bearing the 13 Yahtzee categories with different point values.

On the onset, the combination cards (Yahtzee cards separated beforehand) are shuffled and three are laid out on the playing mat. One player aims to form one the combinations using one's set of dice in three rolls. When successful, the player takes the card and places on his part of the field, ending one's turn. A player can steal another's card by forming a higher combination than the original one that player had formed (e.g. 2-3-4-5-6 is already enough to steal the Large Straight card from someone with the 1-2-3-4-5 combination). A card held on one player's side of the mat is open for stealing until play passes back to the holder of the card, at which point, that player "banks" or keeps that card from the mat, guaranteeing points and preparing to get another combination or steal another player's card.

At any time a Yahtzee is rolled, a Yahtzee card, worth 10 points, is awarded to the player who rolls it and is added to their total.

Chips, worth a point each, are also present in the game for increased play. A chip is laid on the center area of the mat at the front of each of the three cards there. This happens when a player "busts" (unable to make one of the combinations on the mat), steals a card, or rolls a Yahtzee. Chips are won by a player when one of the anteed combinations in the center is achieved.

Play ends when either the cards at the center or the chips are exhausted. The player with the most points, which is determined by the number of the chips and combination cards a player has won, wins the game.

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