Galaxia may refer to:

  • The superior form of Gaia (Foundation universe), a planet in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series
  • Galaxia (plant), a genus in the iris family
  • "Galaxia", a 1996 trance song by Ferry Corsten
  • Sailor Galaxia, an antagonist from the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars arc
  • Galaxia Sword, the sword Meta Knight wields in the Kirby video games
  • Galaxia, Hong Kong, a private housing estate in Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
  • Operation Galaxia, the codename for 1978 attempted coup d'état in Spain

Other articles related to "galaxia":

Shadow Galactica - Other Members
... In the manga, Galaxia revives Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Team and forces them into her service ... Crystals hang in the air briefly before Galaxia reclaims them ... In the anime, Galaxia frees Queen Nehelenia from the seal and encourages her to take her revenge by unleashing a nightmare upon the "people of the White Moon" ...
Operation Galaxia
... Operation Galaxia (Spanish Operación Galaxia) was the codename given to the plan which preceded the 23-F attempted coup d'état in Spain ... It was named Galaxia, because the officers who took part met in Cafetería Galaxia in Madrid (now, Van Gogh Café), on 11 November 1978 ...
Diamond Hill - Residential Developments - Galaxia
... Galaxia (星河明居) is a private housing estate located at 3, Lung Poon Street, near the Diamond Hill Station ... Galaxia comprises 5 blocks (A-E) ... Galaxia is connected to the Plaza Hollywood shopping centre ...
Shadow Galactica - Servants - Sailor Buttress
... function as decorative supports for buildings, and Sailor Buttress functions the same way to Galaxia ... She is Galaxia's adviser, and gives orders to the Animamates, MC Fly, and Chi, Phi, and Theta ... She also announces Galaxia's entry, functioning as a herald ...