Gaia Theory

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Earth System Science - Inspiration in The Gaia Theory
... much scientific criticism, many elements of the Gaia theory are now considered within ecological science, basically consistent with the planet Earth being the ultimate object of ecological study ... Ecologists generally consider the biosphere as an ecosystem and the Gaia theory, though a simplification of that original proposed, to be consistent with a modern vision of ... discussion in these fields, an organisation, "Gaia Society for Research and Education in Earth System Science", was started ...
Panpsychism - Other Theories
... Gaia theory, which views the biosphere as a self-regulating system, that maintains homeostasis in relation to many vital chemical and physical variables, is sometimes ... the goal-directed behavior of the biosphere, as explained by the Gaia theory, is an emergent function of organised, living matter, not a quality of any matter ... Thus Gaia theory is more properly associated with emergentism than panpsychism ...

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