Funing may refer to the following locations in China:

  • Ningde, Fujian, formerly named Funing
  • Funing County, Hebei (抚宁县)
  • Funing County, Jiangsu (阜宁县)
  • Funing County, Yunnan (富宁县)
  • Funing, Heilongjiang (阜宁镇), town in Suifenhe
  • Funing, Hebei (抚宁镇), town in and seat of Funing County, Hebei

Other articles related to "funing":

Funing County, Jiangsu
... Funing County (simplified Chinese 阜宁县 traditional Chinese 阜寧縣) is a county in Jiangsu Province ... Funing is a 400-km drive from Shanghai up the Ningjingyan Expressway ... Funing is a famous revolutionary area of the Communist Party of China ...
Roman Catholic Diocese Of Funing
... The Roman Catholic Diocese of Funing/Xiapu (Latin Funimen(sis), Chinese 福寧, 霞浦) is a diocese located in the municipal region of Ningde (formerly Funing), in the ...
Wenshan Zhuang And Miao Autonomous Prefecture - Ethnic Groups - Yi
... Mokong 莫空 (Gaokujiao Luo 高裤脚倮) of Funing and Guangnan counties Mudai 木歹 of Funing and Napo counties Black Lolo 黑倮倮 (autonyms Nuosupo 诺苏泼、Luoluopo 罗罗泼) in Qiubei ...
Buyang Language - Subdivisions
... spoken in at least 8 villages in Gula Township 谷拉乡, Funing County 富宁县, Wenshan Zhuang–Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, China ... following groups Langjia 郎架 is spoken in Langjia 郎架, Funing County 富宁县, Yunnan along the Guangxi border ... which means "dried bamboo shoot." Ecun 峨村 is spoken in Ecun 峨村, Funing County 富宁县, Yunnan along the Guangxi border ...