Fuel Assembly

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Carolinas–Virginia Tube Reactor - Design
... The reactor consisted of 36 vertical U-tube fuel channels in a moderator tank which was 10 feet in diameter and 16 feet tall ... Each leg of the U-tube contained one fuel assembly made up of 19 fuel rods ... enriched uranium 12 of the tubes contained fuel enriched to 1.5% U-235 and 24 tubes contained fuel enriched to 2% U-235 ...
RBMK - Reactor Design and Performance - Fuel
... The fuel pellets are made of uranium dioxide powder, sintered with a suitable binder into barrels 1.15 cm (0.45 in) in diameter and 15 mm (0.59 in) long ... nuclear poison to lower the reactivity differences between a new and partially spent fuel assembly ... Maximum allowable temperature of the fuel pellet is 2,100 °C (3,810 °F) ...
Reactor Vessel - Components of A PWR Reactor Pressure Vessel - Fuel Assembly
... The fuel assembly of nuclear fuel usually consisting of uranium or uranium/plutonium mixes ... The fuel assembly is usually a rectangular block of gridded fuel rods ...
Boiling Water Reactors - Technical and Background Information - Thermal Margins - Maximum Fraction Limiting Critical Power Ratio (MFLCPR)
... Specifically, MFLCPR represents how close the leading fuel bundle is to "dry-out" (or "departure from nucleate boiling" for a PWR) ... with an empirical correlation that is formulated by vendors of BWR fuel (GE, Westinghouse, AREVA-NP) ... determine experimentally what conditions of coolant flow, fuel assembly power, and reactor pressure will be in/out of the transition boiling region for a particular fuel design ...

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