Fries may refer to:

  • Fries (surname), including list of people with the name
  • Victor Fries, a DC Comics character, also known as Mr. Freeze
  • Jacob Friedrich Fries, philosopher
  • Elias Magnus Fries, Swedish mycologist and botanist
  • Frisian languages (Dutch: Fries), languages spoken in Friesland, Netherlands and East
  • French fries, also called "chips", strips of deep-fried potato
  • A gastronomic euphemism for testicles, see lamb fries
  • Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System, or fast-roping, a technique for descending a thick rope

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Lactarius Quietus - Taxonomy and Naming
... first described and named by Swedish mycologist Elias Magnus Fries, who named it Agaricus quietus in the first volume of his Systema Mycologicum, published in 1821 ... Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici, published in 1838, Fries transferred the species to Lactarius ... Kuntze classified it as Lactifluus, but today Fries's placement of the species in Lactarius is accepted ...
Compression Of Morbidity
... The compression of morbidity in public health is a hypothesis put forth by James Fries, professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine ... Fries' hypothesis is that the burden of lifetime illness may be compressed into a shorter period before the time of death, if the age of onset of the first chronic ... Fries concludes that if the hypothesis is confirmed, healthcare costs and patient health overall will be improved ...
Amos Fries
... Amos Alfred Fries was a general in the United States Army and 1898 graduate of the United States Military Academy ... Fries was the second chief of the army's Chemical Warfare Service, established during World War I ... Fries served under John J ...
The Whole Truth (novel) - Plot Summary
2012) The Hit (2013) Freddy and the French Fries novels Freddy and the French Fries Fries Alive! (2005) Freddy and the French Fries The Mystery of Silas Finklebean (2006 ...
Lactarius Tabidus - Taxonomy
... tabidus has been various ascribed to Elias Magnus Fries, and to Pierre Bulliard, while the synonymous specific name L ... theiogalus is variously credited to Fries and Samuel Frederick Gray ...

Famous quotes containing the word fries:

    Far star that tickles for me my sensitive plate
    And fries a couple of ebon atoms white....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)