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The Holocaust In France - 20th Century - French Jews and The Holocaust
... See also Vichy regime "French Jews vs ... foreign Jews" myth or reality?, Jewish death toll, and Statute on Jews In 1940, early in World War II, France and its allies in the Low Countries were defeated by Nazi Germany, and ... In the early months of the war there were probably some 350,000 Jews living in France, some of whom were refugees from Germany ...
The Holocaust In France - Today - Antisemitism and Immigration
... In the early 2000s, rising levels of antisemitism among French Muslims and antisemitic acts were publicized around the world, including the desecration of Jewish graves and tensions between the ... motivated by money and fueled by antisemitic prejudices (the perpetrators said they believed Jews to be rich) ... France is the country that has the most favourable views of Jews in Europe (82%), next to the Netherlands, and the third country with the least unfavourable views (16 ...

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    The Jews always complained, kvetching about false gods, and erected the
    biggest false God, Jehovah, in middle of western civilization.
    Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)

    In comparison to the French Revolution, the American Revolution has come to seem a parochial and rather dull event. This, despite the fact that the American Revolution was successful—realizing the purposes of the revolutionaries and establishing a durable political regime—while the French Revolution was a resounding failure, devouring its own children and leading to an imperial despotism, followed by an eventual restoration of the monarchy.
    Irving Kristol (b. 1920)