Francis II

Francis II may refer to:

  • Francis II, Duke of Brittany (1433–1488)
  • Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua (1466–1519)
  • Francis II of France (1544–1560)
  • Francis II, Duke of Lorraine (1572–1632)
  • Francesco II d'Este, Duke of Modena (1662–1694)
  • Francis II Rákóczi, Duke of Transylvania (1676–1735)
  • Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor (1768–1835)
  • Francis II of the Two Sicilies (1836–1894)
  • Franz, Duke of Bavaria (born 1933), called "Francis II" by supporters of the Jacobite claim to the thrones of England, Scotland, Ireland and France.

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... Probably the most famous member of the family was Francis II Rákóczi (1676–1735) who was elected prince (fejedelem) of the Confederated Estates of the Kingdom of Hungary and Prince of ... family was György (George) Rákóczi, the son of Francis II Rákóczi, who died in France in 1756 ... Germain is believed by some to have been the son of Prince Francis (Ferenc) II Rákóczi ...
List Of Polish Consorts - After The Partition of Poland - Austrian Poland
... Maria Louisa of Spain Leopold II Bourbon 1790-1792 the Austrian portion obtained in the first partition of Poland Maria Theresa of Naples Francis II ...
History Of The French Line Of Succession - House of Orléans-Angoulême (1515–1589) - Francis II
... At the date of Francis II's death, December 5, 1560, the line of succession was as follows Charles-Maximillien, Duke of Orléans (b. 1550), younger brother of Francis II Alexandre-Édouard, Duke of Angoulême (b. 1551), younger brother of Francis II Hercule-François (b ...
Mad War - Renewed Hostilities
... In April, Duke Francis II's attempt to mobilize Breton military forces (nobility and urban militia) failed due to widespread resentment of the corruption of his government ... The French royal general Louis II de la Trémoille gathered his forces on the border of the duchy, preparing to attack ... The Duke of Orléans was captured and Duke Francis II was forced to accept a treaty which greatly diminished his power ...

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