Fourth Army

A number of nations have had a Fourth Army

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Minsk Offensive - The Offensive - The Destruction of Fourth Army
... Over the next few days, Fourth Army made several attempts to break out of the encirclement, led by those divisions still retaining a coherent organisational structure ... Lieutenant-General Müller, who had been placed in command of all the encircled units of Fourth Army, was captured on 8 July after a failed breakout by the 18th Panzergrenadier Division ... In total, around 100,000 troops from Fourth and Ninth Armies were caught in the encirclement, of whom some 40,000 were killed, most of the remainder being captured ...
Chu Qing - Biography
... as a secretary in the headquarter in Jiangnan and Subei or New Fourth Army. 1 division of New Fourth Army, New Fourth Army headquarter in Huanghuatang, East China bureau of CPC's central committee, Jiangsu-Zhejiang Military Region, Central China bureau of CPC's central ... She retired from army in 1952, and became the director of the office of policy study in the Ministry of Commerce ...
Fourth Army (National Revolutionary Army)
... The Fourth Army (simplified Chinese 国民革命军第四军 traditional Chinese 國民革命軍第四軍 pinyin guómín gémìngjūn dì sìjūn) was a combat command of ... The Fourth Army was commanded by CPC commander Ye Ting ...
Fourth Army - Others
... Fourth Army (United Kingdom) Republic of China Fourth Army (National Revolutionary Army) and New Fourth Army Fourth Army (France) Fourth Army (Ottoman Empire) 4th Infantry Division (Romania) 4th Army (Soviet Union ...
Battle Of The Canal Du Nord - Tactical Plan and Preparations
... Army Group Flanders under King Albert I of Belgium would conduct the most northern operation and attack German positions in Flanders and move towards Ghent and Bruges ... The British Fourth Army and French First Army would attack the Germans along the Saint-Quentin Canal in an effort to breach the Hindenburg Line between Holnon ... To the south, the First United States Army and French Fourth Army would mount the Meuse-Argonne Offensive between Reims and Verdun, moving along the Meuse River and through the ...

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    It is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for the purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results.
    Sun Tzu (6–5th century B.C.)

    ... men and women are not yet free.... The slavery of greed endures. Little child workers, the hope of the future, are sacrificed to industry. Young men are sent out by the billion to die for profits.... We must destroy industrial slavery and build industrial democracy.... The people everywhere must come into possession of the earth [second, third, and fourth ellipses in source].
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