Fort William College

Fort William College (also called the College of Fort William) was an academy and learning centre of Oriental studies established by Lord Wellesley, then Governor-General of British India. It was founded on July 10, 1800 within the Fort William complex in Calcutta. Thousands of books were translated from Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu at this institution.

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John Gilchrist (surgeon) - Hindustani Language - Fort William College - Hindi
... In 1803, he inducted to the Fort William College two Hindi writers like Lallu Mal and Sadal Misra that helped make rapid strides in Hindi language and literature ... During his stint at Fort William College from 1803, he encouraged to use the purer form of Khariboli from which contemporary Hindi evolved ...
Fort William College - Eminent Scholars
... Fort William College was served by a number of eminent scholars ... William Carey (1761–1834) was with Fort William College from 1801 to 1831 ... (1762?–1819) was First Pandit at Fort William College ...

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