Forged is a book written by biblical scholar, Bart D. Ehrman which attempts to analyze the historical accuracy of the Christian Bible. The book posits that 11 or more books out of the 27 books of the Christian New Testament canon were written as certain types of forgeries related to the politics of the early Christian Church. In his book, Ehrman points out numerous inconsistencies which he finds within the New Testament which appear to support many of his claims, such as the fact that in Acts 4:13 the statement is made that both Peter and John were illiterate, yet in later years entire books of the Bible were then alleged to have been written by them.

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Sabatier - Manufacturing Process
... Most of these manufacturers use a "fully forged" technique and a hand shaping and sharpening process using local skilled labour ... Fully forged means that three of the four knife parts (blade, bolster, tang and handle) are forged from a single piece of steel ... The entire piece is heated again and forged to the shape of the blade, bolster, and tang using forging dies in one operation ...
Bill C-27 (39th Canadian Parliament, 2nd Session) - Proposed Legislation - Forging Documents
... use any document as genuine when it seems forged ... claim, "People are free to do what they want with a forged document." The bill stated that using, buying, exporting, importing, repairing any device that is used to build forged documents is unlawful ...
Corona (fictional World) - Magic - Earth Magic - Demon-forged Magic Items
... Demons have created magic items by instilling them with power while they are being forged ... Bestesbulzibar's bracers were forged for his mortal generals ...
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... problem in the philosophy of art why is it that a painting can be forged while a piece of music cannot? After verifying that there is indeed an ... His answer is that works in a form of art can be forged if and only if ("iff") there is no possible notation to specify which are and are not authentic works ... and what isn't an authentic instance of a painting, so a painting can be forged ...

Famous quotes containing the word forged:

    The poor, stupid, free American citizen! Free to starve, free to tramp the highways of this great country, he enjoys universal suffrage, and by that right, he has forged chains around his limbs. The reward that he receives is stringent labor laws prohibiting the right of boycott, of picketing, of everything, except the right to be robbed of the fruits of his labor.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

    God lives! He forged the iron will
    That clutched and held that trembling hill!
    Will Henry Thompson (1848–1918)

    The only mode of obtaining an answer to these questions of the senses is to forego all low curiosity, and, accepting the tide of being which floats us into the secret of nature, work and live, work and live, and all unawares the advancing soul has built and forged for itself a new condition, and the question and the answer are one.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)