Foreign Relations of South Africa During Apartheid

Foreign Relations Of South Africa During Apartheid

South Africa introduced apartheid in 1948, as a systematic extension of pre-existing racial discrimination in the country. As a result, the country became increasingly isolated internationally until apartheid was ended and racial equality introduced in 1993.

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Foreign Relations Of South Africa During Apartheid - End of Apartheid
... de Klerk in South Africa, Namibia was granted independence, with the exception of the enclave of Walvis Bay, which was reintegrated into Namibia in March 1994 ... After South Africa held its first multiracial election in April 1994, most sanctions imposed by the international community in opposition to the system of apartheid were lifted ... On 1 June 1994, South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth of Nations, and on 23 June 1994, it was readmitted to the UN General Assembly ...

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