Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max (stylized as Ford C-MAX and often called the Ford Focus C-Max) is a compact MPV produced by Ford in Saarlouis for Europe since 2003. Ford introduced the C-Max in the U.S. as its first hybrid-only line of vehicles, which includes the C-Max Hybrid, released in September 2012, and the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid, scheduled to be launched in November 2012. Although C-Max was initially available only in Europe, the first generation was partially available in New Zealand. With the introduction of the new large MPVs S-Max and Galaxy, the C-Max is the second smallest multi-purpose vehicle of Ford's lineup, after the new B-Max.

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Ford C-Max - Production
... C-Max production takes place in Valencia, Spain ... To allow for lower production costs, the production of the electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric versions will take place in Wayne, Michigan ...

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