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List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - T
... tape) tar T TADS source T Tester symbol table ReaGeniX code generator T?H Turbo Help file (Pascal, C, Assembler...) Borland Thelp T$M AVG scan log files AVG T2B Bookeen Cybook ... TP3 Template Harvard Graphics 3.0 TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup HiJaak TPC File produced when an inter-Topicscape topic link file is exported to Windows 3D Topicscape TPF Downloadable ... sequence), used by many games TRM Terminal settings Windows 3.x TRN Translation support file Quattro - Clarion TRS Executable file Micrografx or password file TRS WiSo Mein Geld 2007 TRS IBM Mainframe log file ...
... ODTTF is an embedded font file type used in Microsoft's XML Paper Specification (XPS) and Microsoft Office 2007 formats ... The file type refers to an obfuscated subsetted font based on the fonts used in the original document ... The files can be extracted from the doc by renaming the files to ZIP, so the archive can be browsed and extracted (e.g ...

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