Flood Control - Control of Floods

Control of Floods

Some methods of flood control have been practiced since ancient times. These methods include planting vegetation to retain extra water, terracing hillsides to slow flow downhill, and the construction of floodways (man-made channels to divert floodwater). Other techniques include the construction of levees, lakes, dams, reservoirs or retention ponds to hold extra water during times of flooding.

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Flood Control - Control of Floods - Future
... Europe is at the forefront of the flood control technology, with low-lying countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium developing techniques that can serve as ... the Netherlands to take a tour of the complex and highly developed flood control system in place in the Netherlands ... The Netherlands has one of the best flood control systems in the world and new ways to deal with water are constantly being developed and tested, such as the underground storage of water, storing water in reservoirs ...

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