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Battle Of Rovaniemi - Fighting Near Rovaniemi
... On 14 October the first Finnish forces reached the vicinity of Rovaniemi ... These consisted of the troops of Jaeger Brigade (part of the Finnish Armored Division) advancing from Ranua ... Finnish forces found out that one of bridges crossing the Kemijoki river was still intact and moved to capture it ...
Battle Of Tali-Ihantala
... The battle was fought between Finnish forces—using war material provided by Germany—and Soviet forces ... – with the Finns suffering proportionally more casualties than the Soviet forces ... It marked a point in the Soviet offensive when the Finnish forces first prevented the Soviets from making any significant gains however already earlier at Siiranmäki and Perkjärvi had Finns halted ...
Lapland - Further Action in Lapland War
... Lyngen fjord in Norway while under pressure from harassing enemy forces ... In general the actions followed a pattern in which advancing Finnish units would encounter German rearguards and attempt flanking them on foot, the destroyed road network preventing them from bringing up ... As Finnish riflemen slowly picked their way through the dense woods and marshland, the motorized German units would simply drive away and take up positions further down the road ...
Siege Of Leningrad - Establishment - Finnish Participation
1941, the Finns had advanced to within 20 km of the northern suburbs of Leningrad at the 1939 Finnish-Soviet border, threatening the city from the north they were ... The Finnish forces crossed the pre-Winter War border on the Karelian Isthmus by eliminating Soviet salients at Beloostrov and Kirjasalo, thus straightening the frontline so that it ... According to Soviet claims the Finnish advance was stopped in September through resistance by the Karelian Fortified Region, however Finnish troops had already earlier in August 1941 received ...
Georgy Zhukov - World War II - Siege of Leningrad
... On 30 August, German forces cut the strategic Leningrad-Moscow railroad and severed other connections to Leningrad ... German forces could unite with the small, but tough, motivated and skilled Finnish forces ... These combined forces could quite possibly drive through Northern Russia and attack Moscow, which might well win the war for Germany ...

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