Film Cooling

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Combustor - Fundamentals - Components
... process and introduces the various airflows (intermediate, dilution, and cooling, see Air flow paths below) into the combustion zone ... However, air cooling is still required ... In general, there are two main types of liner cooling film cooling and transpiration cooling ...
Turbine Blade - Cooling
... So the cooling of blade becomes essential ... METHODS OF COOLING Cooling of components can be achieved by air or liquid cooling ... Liquid cooling seems to be more attractive because of high specific heat capacity and chances of evaporative cooling but there can be problem of leakage ,corrosion, choking,etc ...
Rocket Engine - Cooling
... materials such as aluminium, steel, nickel or copper alloys and employ cooling systems that prevent the construction material itself becoming too hot ... Regenerative cooling, where the propellant is passed through tubes around the combustion chamber or nozzle, and other techniques, such as curtain cooling or film cooling ... radiative cooling (the chamber becomes almost white hot and radiates the heat away) dump cooling (a propellant, usually hydrogen, is passed around the chamber and dumped) regenerative cooling (liquid rockets use the ...

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    Revere; do not presume to think her wasted.
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    Jean Cocteau (1889–1963)