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List Of Baki The Grappler Characters - Grappler Baki Characters - Tournament Contenders - Tournament Reserves
... He first started fighting in the underground to prove his legitimacy as a fighter ... His style is based on love in contrast to Yujiro's style which is more aggressive and based on rage ... His fighting style is "Amanai Grappling" which seems to be loosely based on Capoeira given the Jumping and Kicking attacks in his fighting style as well as his ...
Swordmasters Of The Ginaz - Prequels - Origins of The Swordmasters
... Noret's fighting style emphasized close combat with pulse swords, designed to send destructive electromagnetic pulses into a machine body to ... The style also included advanced fighting techniques for and against warriors protected by personal shields - a fact that probably kept this martial-arts style alive long after ... artists from off-world locations arrived to learn from Jool Noret, and soon the fighting style of the legendary warrior became an art in its own right ...
List Of Kamen Rider Den-O Episodes - Episodes - Fighting Style
21 "Fighting Style" "Kenka no Ryūgi" (ケンカのリュウ儀) Yasuko Kobayashi June 24, 2007 As Ryotaro saw the actual Yuto Sakurai in the past, he becomes suspicious of ...
List Of Tekken Characters - Introduced in Tekken 4 - Combot
... This design was made to be the ultimate fighting machine and was programmed to learn every fighter's style as it progressed through the tournament ... is powered up, he can only utilize one opponent's fighting style at a time during game play, and switches through them randomly from match to match, it ... immediately apparent when Combot is using their fighting style if imitating Yoshimitsu, it will brandish a sword, and if imitating King, will have a tail comparable in length to King's ...

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    One who has given up any hope of winning a fight or has clearly lost it wants his style in fighting to be admired all the more.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Peace can endure only so long as humanity really insists upon it, and is willing to work for it and sacrifice for it. Twenty- five years ago American fighting men looked to the statesmen of the world to finish the work of peace for which they fought and suffered; we failed them, we failed them then, we cannot fail them again and expect the world to survive again.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)