Field Tensor

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Standard Model (mathematical Formulation) - Lagrangian Formalism - Kinetic Terms - Gauge Fields
... For the spin-1 fields, first define the field strength tensor for a given gauge field (here we use ), with gauge coupling constant g ... We need to introduce three gauge fields corresponding to each of the subgroups SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1) ... The gluon field tensor will be denoted by, where the index a labels elements of the 8 representation of colour SU(3) ...
Electrovacuum Solution - Mathematical Definition
... is mathematically specified by defining a metric tensor (or by defining a frame field) ... The curvature tensor of this manifold and associated quantities such as the Einstein tensor, are well-defined even in the absence of any physical theory, but in general relativity they ... We also need to specify an electromagnetic field by defining an electromagnetic field tensor on our Lorentzian manifold ...

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