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Amelia Earhart - Aviation Career and Marriage - Competitive Flying
... acknowledged by experienced professional pilots who flew with her ... Earhart was engaged in flying "stunts," she was, with other female flyers, crucial to making the American public "air minded" and convincing them that "aviation was no longer just ... She had called a meeting of female pilots in 1929 following the Women's Air Derby ...
Jacqueline Cochran - Contributions To Aviation
... By 1938, she was considered the best female pilot in the United States ... She won five Harmon Trophies as the outstanding woman pilot in the world ... Sometimes called the "Speed Queen," at the time of her death, no other pilot held more speed, distance or altitude records in aviation history, than Cochran ...
Women Airforce Service Pilots - Creation of The WASP
... By the summer of 1941, Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran and test-pilot Nancy Harkness Love, two famous women pilots, independently submitted proposals to the U.S ... Forces (the forerunner to the United States Air Force) to use women pilots in non-combat missions after the outbreak of World War II in Europe ... The motivation was to free male pilots for combat roles, by employing qualified female pilots to ferry aircraft from factories to military bases, and to tow drones ...
Nancy Harkness Love - World War II
... caught the attention of Tunner, who was scouring the country for skilled pilots to deliver aircraft from factories to fields ... Nancy Love convinced Tunner that the idea of using experienced women pilots to supplement the existing pilot force was a good one ... When his recommendation that she (and the other female pilots) be commissioned into the Women's Army Corps (WAAC) was denied, he appointed her to his staff as Executive of Women's Pilots ...
Pakistan Air Force - Personnel - Women in The PAF
... and other programs of PAF Academy Risalpur, including fighter pilot training programmes ... of training, mainly physical exercises, are done with males and females separated ... According to Squadron Leader Shazia Ahmed, the officer in charge of the first female cadets and a psychologist, this also improves confidence of the women ...

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    You know what I’m talking about. This business has changed. Flyers aren’t pilots anymore, they’re engineers. This is a college man’s game. Our work is done. The pioneering is over.
    Frank W. Wead (1895?–1947)

    One of the reasons for the failure of feminism to dislodge deeply held perceptions of male and female behaviour was its insistence that women were victims, and men powerful patriarchs, which made a travesty of ordinary people’s experience of the mutual interdependence of men and women.
    Rosalind Coward (b. 1953)