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Power Dividers And Directional Couplers - Applications - Power Combiners
... In figure 21, an example is shown of a signal split up to feed multiple low power amplifiers, then recombined to feed a single antenna with high power ... Yet another approach is to have each solid state amplifier (SSA) feed an antenna and let the power be combined in space or be used to feed a lens attached to an antenna ...
Parabolic Antenna - Gain
... The directive qualities of an antenna are measured by a dimensionless parameter called its gain, which is the ratio of the power received by the antenna ... The gain of a parabolic antenna is where is the area of the antenna aperture, that is, the mouth of the parabolic reflector is the diameter of the parabolic reflector, if it is circular is the wavelength of the ... The aperture efficiency of typical parabolic antennas is 0.55 to 0.70 ...

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